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11. Before installing the engine, the bay gets a coat of clear lacquer.

12. Painted shell now rolling.

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13. New carpet fitted. Another bargain from one of many annual visits to the Stonleigh MG spares day.

14. I bought a pair of red door trims at one spares day, then a roll of matching vinyl the following year, to make all the other trim. The old trim was used as a pattern. The new hard board came with the mild steel sheets bought for the body work.
{short description of image} {short description of image}

15. Dash board is painted with crinkle finish spray.

16. One of many sets of small parts get cleaned and painted.

{short description of image} {short description of image}
17. Fitting the wiring loom. I made a new loom from the dash back to the boot using a new set of cable and connectors. The old loom was stretched across the decking / patio and used as a pattern. 18. Dash board re-fitted. The dual oil /water gauge was rebuilt by Speedy Cables. All the other instruments were just cleaned and polished.
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19. New brake disk fitted along with re-conditioned callipers green stuff pads, copper pipes and Goodridge braided hoses. 20. Rear underside view showing HDR exhaust, Spax adjustable shocks, poly bushes and galvanized fuel tank.

 {short description of image} 21. For most of 2003 the MG lived in the garden. This was due to an extension on the house which involved demolition of the garage. I didn't expect to get much done on the MG that year due to the lack of a work shop and a hands on involvement in the extension but as it turned out, partly due to the good weather, it was the most productive year on the car to date.
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