{short description of image} {short description of image}

22. Almost complete! Just the wipers to fit and the protective coating to peel off the side trim.

23. The engine bay April 04. The first MOT for 20 years was passed first time!

{short description of image}

24. A large proportion of the parts were bought at the Stoneleigh spares days during the past ten years. In 2005 the parts travelled back for a visit.

One bonus for turning up in a MG, indoor parking!

25. The car ran well during its first year back on the road but water loss was a problem and more power would be better. The head turned out to be cracked. In Summer05 I bought a second hand late head from MECH SPEC, here it gets soaked in de-scaler.
{short description of image} {short description of image}

26. The ports are much smoother on the late heads and the combustion chamber shape is also improved. A porting kit was used to remove any blips on the casting and decoke / clean up. The valves were then lapped in. *

27. Donington Kit car show 2005. It was a great day, we were waved under the track with the kit cars. The roll bar and stainless steel grill mesh may have helped?

*Note: with a late head on an early block it was necessary to remove some metal from the bores to prevent fouling of the valves.
{short description of image}
28. Engine bay Jan 2006. K&N air filters, Kenlow cooling fan (The standard fan still needs removing) and oil catch tank fitted. This prevents miss fire by preventing oil from the crank case breather being fed into the carbs. The carb needles have also been up-rated to suit the K&N's. 29. Feb 2006. PAZON electronic ignition system fitted.

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30. Stoneleigh Feb 2006. It was a cold blast down the M69 with the hood down but well worth the trip.

I got a good deal on a few items including  a set of two eared spinners.

31. March 2006, I won two separate bids on E-bay, one for a 15 inch Moto-Lita wheel c/w a Jag boss and one for an MGB boss. Although the wheel previously graced the cockpit of an XK150, I was fairly sure the MG boss and wheel would be compatible but I wasn't sure about the boss fitting the car. This was mainly due to the part number being correct for a 1971 car, but my MGB was actually made in 1970. The boss fitted well & lines up perfectly with the cowling behind. The only problem was wiring for the horn push. 32. The boss part number is B25C (as stated by the seller)  but in hindsight I probably needed a B25CH. The challenge was to add a slip ring contact to the back of the hub, then wire from this to the horn push button. I did this by removing the brass slip ring from the standard wheel, then bending the brass tabs back flat, one tab was also soldered onto the new wire. The ring was then bonded onto the hub with a thick insulating layer of epoxy. The wire then passes through an existing hole in the hub which I sleeved. *      
* After fitting the wheel I jacked the front of the car up and checked the electrical continuity & insulation resistance of the horn circuit along with the horn functionality in all steering wheel positions. 
33. From Dec 06 to April 07. Performance Modifications include, a Panhard Rod, SU HS8 Carb's, HDR Manifold c/w high temp bandage. High torque light weight starter,  18 ACR alternator & Iridium spark plugs. 

A bonnet bulge has been added to clear the front carb.

Getting those ex-race tuned HS8s working well on my car was hard work.  Was made possible thanks to Burlen fuel systems with their technical support and quick delivery of new parts. (Manuals, Needles, Springs etc).  

34. May 07 Cool Air feed added.

Most of this kit was brought from the Revo-Tec. stand at the Stoneleigh Kit car show.

A hole cutter and suitable grommet strip + fuel filter (right of photo) were also purchased at the show. The air out-let was brought on-line from Regal's Motor sport

To allow space for this 76mm pipe to pass through the bulkhead, the oil catch tank and fan stat were re-positioned.

 Classic Car & Bike Restoration Show
Donington Classic Car & Bike Restoration Show 02/01/06                              Photo by kind permission of CLASSIC AND PERFORMANCE SHOWS
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