Rolling Road

100 MPH + On the 1000BHP Rolling Road at Street Racers in Leicester. The torque curve was excellent - rising quickly and staying flat over a very wide rev range, although the BHP was lower than expected. A new / up-rated Camshaft maybe the next step?...........


June 07 - A Piper BP270 Fast Road Cam about to go in.

I fitted this with the engine in the car but still involved removal of numerous components inc water and oil Rads, carbs, inlet manifold, distributor and drive etc. Even the steering rack bolts needed removal to allow clearance for the crank pulley.

Early indications show about 2 seconds improvement 0-60mph and much more willingness to rev.

P4 on the road Oct 07

Brians P4 is now complete and on the road.
SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) passed first time. well done Brian!

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{short description of image} Oct 06

Race car trial at Donington. Was good practice for first track day.

Mini Cooper S.
Oct 06

Single seater great fun but gear change took some getting used to.
{short description of image} Back to Oct 07 MGOT Donington.

First Track Day in the MG. Pic taken on the short straight between Mcleans & Coppice.

Lots of valuable advice from race car instructor booked for the first session.

{short description of image}
Track day Photos by kind permission of Xtreme Sports Photography.
Coppice Corner, passenger in this session is daughter Daisy.

I was pleased with the cars handling, but the constant high revs were too much for my old engine, on the last lap of the third session no4 big end bearings gave up. The car is off the road for now but during the diy engine re-build I will take the opportunity to make a number of improvements. Details to follow.









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