Brian Evans P4 & MG Special Projects
Brians P4 On Track
Brian's P4 - first track day Aug 09

Brian Evans is an active member of the Sporting Bears Motor Club, he is an engineer by trade and enjoys boat and car building in his spare time. He has just completed a kit car build based on the iconic Ferrari P4 and now he is attempting and even more ambitious project; to build a car completely from scratch, including a bespoke chassis!

Mallory June 09 with MGOT
This car will be an MG Special, based on a Lotus 7 style, and will receive the same care and attention to detail as did the Ferrari replica.

Why choose an MG special? Perhaps because of the friendly track day environment epitomised by the MGOT track days… Here you can follow his project progress!
Testing the Bengine
So this is the chosen engine for the new project! it's a late MGB unit complete with overdrive, purchased from good old e-bay. Here Brian is testing the engine; note the plastic storage box radiator & wooden sticks for choke & throttle. The down pipes are the originals from my B.

Great news, it runs very well & with good oil pressure!
{short description of image} DIY Chassis jig.
Here Brian is using a jig he made using MDF.
Note the holes cut in the MDF, most are for clamps, some are used for Mig welding access.

Oct 2009

MGB Engine Offering up the engine & gear box to the chassis for the first time. This highlighted the need to make the proposed transmission tunnel wider.

Nov 2009
Painted Diff & Drive Shafts
One Diff & set of Drive shafts cleaned & Painted.

more work on the chassis July 2011 - Chassis fabrication & welding almost Complete.
Front suspension & engine mounts July 2011 - Chassis front end detail including suspension and engine mounts.
Rear-mountings July 2011 - Chassis rear end detail including suspension mounts.
Nose cone and wings Aug 2011 - Trial fit of the front wings and Nose cone.
Trial fit of the engine & SC Oct 2011 - Trial fit of the engine and supercharger. One reason for the Gap from 2009-2011 - Brian & I were developing the SC conversion. Now running in my MGB. The B is going very well, with this mod Brians light weight special should fly!!!

More detail on the SC project in both cars to follow.


supercharger Nov 2011 - Brian has made straight manifold pipes for his SC.
This is due to the higher and further outboard position not suiting the more restricted space in theSpecial compared to my MGB (which utilizes the std Manifold). The SC inlet will also need modifying to keep the HS8 upright.
steering Nov 2011 - Steering column & UJ's fitted.
front brakes Nov 2011 - One corner installed including suspension and brakes.
front brakes Nov 2011 - Underside view of the brake and hub assembly.




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