MGB Sill repairs
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15. The drivers side sill panels were the first job in the new garage. Whilst stripping the old sill panels down an old nest was found. At some time the car was home to possibly field mice?

16. In this photo all of the drivers side sill panels have been cut away including most of the inner, inner step sill. A repair panel was also made for the foot well.

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17. The rear section of the step sill was repaired, and treated with rust inhibitor.

The step sill repair panel and adjoining original panel, were then cut at an angle before butt welding together. Note: The passenger side step sill was repaired in the same way.
18. After cleaning up the butt weld, a reinforcing patch was added using some of the spare heavy gauge steel cut from the repair panel. Some of this metal was also used to repair the inner sill closing panel on the left of this pic.
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19. New step sill, castle section and jacking point reinforcement panels fitted and zinc primed. Hammerite paint followed.

20. Fitting the inner membrane sill. Note: the twin clamp arrangement was used as an arm rest whilst plug welding.

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21. Inner sill and outer sill cleaned ready for painting. 22. Parts now zinc primed, Hammerite paint to follow. The outer sill is hole punched ready for plug welding.
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23. Before welding the outer sill in place, again the door and front wing were temporarily re-fitted. The old side trim also aids alignment. Since the door skin and rear lower wing panels will be replaced, the opportunity was also taken to drill and fix metal ties to help fix the door gaps. 24. Welding the outer sill panel. The extra clamp was added to the welding clamp to improve the earth connection.
The parts resting on top of the outer sill are repair panels made for the bottom of the "A" post.

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