11. First coats of Bonda Primer were applied by brush, on under side and cockpit area.

12. Getting ready to use the shiny new spray gun and borrowed compressor for the first time. Spray gun and air regulator were bought from ... MACHINE MART

13. The bonda primer was mixed 10:1 with cellulose thinner for spraying.

14. Semi-structural body glue / seam sealer was applied to all welded seams.

15. Compressor is now used to spray Stone chip paint to the underside.

16. I set the air pressure using a blow gun as a tester...For paint, the regulator was set to 50 PSI gun off and 40 PSI gun on, for the stone chip kit, the setting was 60 PSI off and 50 PSI on.

17. Engine bay sprayed in Bonda-primer. 18. Cockpit area gets the same treatment.
19. One coat of Old English White top coat sprayed on under side over stone chip paint. 20. Some of the products used.
Bonda primer, Stone chip paint, Spray putty, high build primer, Top coat, thinners, measuring jug, seam sealer and chalk gun, Spray gun and stone chip gun, pack of rubber gloves.
Above: Disposable overalls, spray mask and masking paper with a portable work bench used as dispenser.
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