1. Lots of paint remover and patience required to remove the remaining paint.

2. Doors, bonnet & boot lid trial fitted to check alignment prior to removal of all running gear .

3. With running gear removed, shell is ready for tipping.

4. Tipping is started using a selection of jacks & axle stands.

5. The old tyres were free from a local garage. Although the owner was quick to advise that he did not want them back when I had finished with them as they have to pay for tyre disposal.

6. The bare shell wasn't as heavy to tip as expected, but help a this stage is definitely advisable.

7. With the shell on its side I took the opportunity to add short seam welds as a back up to the 1000,s of plug welds. 8. This inside view confirms that the extra welds have penatrated OK.
To avoid distortion the welds were done at random over the whole under side.
9. Almost clean enough to start painting! Generally all panels were cleaned using a combination of Paint Remover followed by degreaser or white spirit applied using wire wool and 320g wet & dry paper. 10. Inside gets the same treatment.
An old vacuum cleaner and tac cloths were used for the final clean up.

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