Engine Rebuild & SC Conversion
reground crank fitted

..Reground Crank going in to the rebored block.

baffle-sump-with-inserts Alloy tapped inserts fitted to the sump baffle supports.

sump baffel fitted Main baffle fitted & fixed with Nylon Bolts.

oil pump fitted Oil Pump rebuilt and modified for improved flow as detailed in Peter Burgess Book "How To Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines".

I have found this classic book by Peter Burgess, very helpful!

Oil strainer fitted Oil Strainer fitted on to the Pump .
oil pressure valve Comparing the old oil pressure bypass valve spring with the old one. I used some grinding paste on the tapered plug to get a good seal.

It is important to ensure the grinding paste is fully removed though!

piper 285 cam A new Piper 285 Cam ready for fitting.

I brought this Cam from Cameron of Bumper to Bumper. He has also been very helpful over the phone.
Timing Gear Fitted Timing gear and Cam fitted.

Block Painted 02/03/2008 - Assembly about as far as it can go whilst fitted to the stand.

Ready for Back Plate Assembly continues on the trolley.

Ready for back plate to be fitted.

Back Plate refitted Back Plate and crank seal fitted.

Engine Ready for refitting 02/03/2008 - Rebuilt Engine, minus head is almost ready for re-fitting.

Ballanced Flywheel fitted 03/03/2008 - Fitting the recently balanced flywheel.

Fitting the clutch Fitting the clutch using the engine stand handle as an alignment tool.

Alignment turned out to be challenge, requiring quite a few attempts to get the engine and gearbox to mate up.

For subsequent rebuilds I use a proprietary alignment tool and new brass bush for the crank shaft.

Engine bay ready Engine bay prepared for fitting the rebuilt engine.

fitting-block 10/03/08 - Easing the Rebuilt Engine block into position.

block-back-in-bay 1860 CC Engine in bay. Finishing work on the big valve head next....

Lapping in the valves in with grinding paste.

I took the head back to the machine shop before doing this work as I considered the hardened valve seats just fitted were a bit too proud. I thought that could cause hot spots and misfire.

valve-seals Fitting these uprated valve stem seals may have been a big mistake! or was it the up-rated springs?

Time was mega tight to be ready for the March 2008 MGOT Silverstone Track day..But due to either the strong valve springs and/or these valve stem seals, I had rocker arms snap during my post rebuild test drives.

Block with head

11/03/08 - Big valve head including up-rated springs fitted.

After breaking a few rockers I replaced the springs with standard type and removed the valve seals.

block with head View from the other side.

Later on during the SC Conversion; thanks to Brian we find a good use for the strong valve springs, in a bespoke blow off valve.



 manifolds-fitted 14/03/08 - PECO Big bore exhaust manifold and HS8 inlet manifold fitted.
ready to run 15/03/08 - Engine and ancillary fitted and ready for testing!

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